We would like to introduce to you all Groundwater Country Music Festival

The name change and new look reflects our festivals status as Australia’s fastest growing country music festival and is indicative of the growing appeal of country music in Australia. Yes it may look different but rest assured the festival will remain the same with the event staying in the heart of Broadbeach and we are definitely ’keeping it country’.

Groundwater Country Music Festival will stay true to its Country roots whilst following the current global music landscape which continuously blurs musical genres. 

Groundwater is a common denominator in bringing people together. It reflects Australia’s unique culture, drawing from both the Aboriginal people’s close spiritual connection with the groundwater, as well as the farming community’s reliance on groundwater for survival.  Groundwater reflects the innate culture of the Australian people who use the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans as a central part of life.

Country music is at its heart about life, passion and realism (as you all would know). Groundwater Country Music Festival invites visitors to come to our city for 3 days of rocking country music that will shake the earth and swell the spirit. Our festival has grown so much over the past 5 years and we thought it’s time to show a more grown up name & brand! 

Let’s keep going on this awesome journey and we welcome everyone to come along for the ride and come to Broadbeach if you haven’t before, July 26-28, 2019!