Broadbeach Chiropractic Clinic
Trading Hours

Our aim at Broadbeach Chiropractic Clinic is to make you feel welcome from your very first visit. Our friendly staff take pride in our Practice and will assist you in every way in order to achieve your health care goals.
We welcome people of all ages, from newborn babies through to the elderly, and treat each person who walks through the door as an individual, and not just a number.

At Broadbeach Chiropractic we do not x-ray every patient, however if we deem it clinically necessary, we are able to refer for x-ray’s, that are 100% bulk billed.

And rest assured you will never, ever be put on a CONTRACT!

We offer a wide range of technique options, from low-force through to the more manual specific chiropractic treatments, and are adaptable to your preferences. We also have skilled and professionally trained Remedial Massage Therapists at Broadbeach Chiropractic who can assist in soothing tired and stressed muscles, and in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

Monday: 7.45am-12.30pm/ 2pm-6pm
Tuesday: 7am-12pm/1pm-4pm
Wednesday: 7.45am-12.30/2pm-6pm
Thursday: 8.30am-1pm/2pm-6pm
Friday: 7am-12pm/1pm-4pm
Saturday: 8am-11am
Phone Number
(07) 5539 9722
Business Address
Level 3, Niecon Tower
The MasterDerm Clinic
Trading Hours

The MasterDerm Clinic, is proud to be one of the pioneers in regenerative medicine and in more recent years the exclusive stem cell centre, MasterCell. Having made our mark in these key focus areas both nationally and internationally, we intend to progress with our continual expansion.

Dr. Soraya Felix is the principal physician underpinning both of the centres. The practice boasts one of the most diverse array of medical services, here are some to name a few key services:

Age Rejuvenation
Peptide Programs
Pain Management
Balding Treatment
Medical Facelift
Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
Sexual Dysfunction
Body Enhancement
Hormone Balancing
Intravenous Therapy
Biochemical Analysis
Integrative Oncology

Phone Number
(07) 5526 7001 and for after hours 1300 556 966
Business Address
Shop 45-51, Level 1 Niecon Plaza
Insurance Advisernet Australia
Trading Hours

IAA Broadbeach is a well recognised, professional team of Insurance Brokers who are qualified to assist you with all forms of personal insurances and they also have their own Financial Services Manager to assist with products like Life & Disability, Super, Income Protection, and Group Life etc.

The general team provides advice and solutions to your needs when setting up, buying or building a business. The office has been in Broadbeach for nineteen years and prides itself of quality of service. for any insurance enquiries you should contact Broadbeach Office on 5538 7655

Monday – Friday: 8.30am-5.00pm
Phone Number
(07) 5538 7655
Business Address
Shop 40-42, Level 1 Niecon Plaza
MasterCell Stem Cell Centre
Trading Hours

At the MasterCell Stem Cell Centre, is a state of the art stem cell centre of excellence. The centre boasts a number of exclusive protocols which are now being validated by clinical trials. We are able to offer patients access to cutting edge adipose and bone marrow stem cell therapy for an array of objectives, whether you require treatment for a crippling condition or you may be looking to enhance your general health and longevity of life.
The centre treats the following broad ranges:

Neurological Disorders
Autoimmune Diseases
Orthopaedic Conditions
Degenerative Disease
Plasma-Rich Platelets (PRP)

We look forward to seeing all our patients reach their desired objectives whether its preventative medicine or treating difficult conditions.

Monday – Friday 9am until late (depending on whether it is a surgical day or a consulting day)
Phone Number
(07) 5526 7001 Afterhours 1300 556 966
Business Address
Shop 47, Level 1 Niecon Plaza
Eraze Laser Clinic
Trading Hours

When you have confidence, everything else falls into place.

When you look good, you feel amazing.

For any imperfections, you no longer have to wish them away. Let us ERAZE them!

At Eraze Laser Clinic our qualified laser technicians use medical grade equipment and scientifically proven products to achieve excellent results in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and tattoo removal. A nip without the tuck!
Fully licensed laser safety officer, Qld Radiation and Qld Health approved, class 4 laser.
Eraze laser machines are TGA listed and are compliant with Australian Standards and Regulations.

Monday – Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday: – 9.00am – 12.00pm
Sunday: – CLOSED
Phone Number
(07) 5636 1529
Business Address
Shop 36, Level 1 Niecon Plaza